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Thursday, September 6, 2012

It Doesn't Get Easier With Time

"It will get easier, just wait." 

It's a common sentiment, in one form or another.  I've probably even used it myself.  It's just not true.

I guess in a sense it is.  The everyday pain has certainly eased.  But each year on Sara Kay's birthday, it still feels like yesterday.  Three years have gone by.  It's a little shocking to think of it that way.  It's a long time, especially watching Ava-Marie grow up, coming up on her second birthday.

We miss her everyday.  Just as promised, we still say goodnight to Sara Kay, together, every single night.  No matter what.

Remember us today, please.  It doesn't get easier.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Six months old

Two days ago (May 11, 2011) marked six months since the day that we welcomed our sweet Ava-Marie into this world! It is hard to believe that she is already six months old... where exactly did the time go?  She is a very busy little girl these days!! She had her six month check-up on the 11th as well. Her doctor was very pleased with her progress!   I would update with more information, but she is waking up from her nap right now!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ava-Marie's on the move

Just a couple days after Ava-Marie passed the 5-month mark she began rolling over for the first time.  Here's the video:


Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to the world Abigail

My brother and his wife welcomed their second baby this morning! Abigail Noel was born at 8:33am weighing 6lbs 3oz and was 20.5 inches long! She has a head full of black hair! We cannot wait to meet her!!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Ava-Marie is officially laughing and it is one of the CUTEST things ever! She loves to laugh at Lily (our youngest dog) and the green frog that hangs on her car seat! She even laughed for her daddy today! It seems like she is doing something new everyday!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Fever!!

The weather here today was WONDERFUL! Low 70s most of the day!  Ava-Marie and I shared a wonderful lunch with our friend Allison, and baby Thomas, and then enjoyed some outdoor shopping!! It was nice to soak in some MUCH needed vitamin D!

It is safe to say that we officially have SPRING FEVER!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Major Update!

Krystal here- I am going to give this a go since Todd stays so busy! Time is really flying by---Ava-Marie is already THREE MONTHS OLD! Before I know it she will be going off to college- (okay so I admit that is being a little dramatic, but seriously time is really flying by!) She loves to flash her little toothless smile at our youngest dog Lily. At times Ava-Marie will share the adorable smile with Mommy and Daddy- but she really seems to like the dog more! I have a feeling that Ava-Marie and Lily will be thick a thieves as Ava-Marie continues to grow!!

Ava-Marie continues to get a clean bill of health and is developing on track, despite her prematurity. She is such an awesome blessing!! God is so good!!!!

The holidays (yes it has been that long since we updated) were WONDERFUL! It was so amazing to have our sweet little girl here for Thanksgiving (even though she was not supposed to make her debut until December.) Todd's sister and cousins cooked and AMAZING dinner for everyone. Todd's parents, grandparents and my dad came up for the holiday.

Our little family of 3 made the 3.5 hour trip home to Mobile,AL for Christmas. The trip was not as long as any of us would have liked, but Todd had to get back to work. Here are a few pictures:
Christmas Day

Four Generations

Noel (and Abigail), Tiffany (and Tucker), Myself (and remaining baby weight..)

My aunt's dog, Duke, on Christmas Eve. I thought this was too cute not to share

Noel and me with the kids

Frank (my brother), Todd and the kids

Proud Papa ( my dad with his grand babies!)

My cousin Rachel and Ava-Marie

Me and my brother with our little ones

Proud Nana with her grand babies

It snowed in Birmingham Christmas Day. This is what was left when we got home. 

We recently had professional pictures done with Ava-Marie. Ashley Warren @ Ashley Warren Studios is AMAZING!!! ( Ashley has already posted a sneak peak of the shoot on facebook and it has me on pins and needles waiting for the rest of the photos to show up on her website. I am trying to be patient, but those of you who know me well know I am not very good at that :)

I am LOVING being a stay at home mommy :) and Ava-Marie and I love spending time with our other Mommy and baby friends. Tuesday has become my favorite day of the week because that is usually when we all get together! Our group welcomed a new addition on February 8!! Baby Davis Michael came into the world (3 weeks early to keep his mommy on her toes) weighing 5lbs 7oz and 19inches long! Tiny compared to Miss Ava-Marie, who came FIVE weeks early weighing 7lbs 6oz!!

On January 30, 2011 Ava-Marie, with lots of family and friends present, was baptized at Prince of Peace. It was such a joyous celebration!!! After her baptism our family and friends came back to our house and we all shared a wonderful lunch! It was great to see so many family and friends together! Her loving Godparents are my brother, Frank and Todd's sister, Theresa. Ava-Marie is so blessed to have such loving family members and friends!


Proud Grandparents

Proud Grandparents

Ava-Marie and her Godparents

I have been busy taking care of our sweet Ava bug, taking care of the house,and sewing. I made (please allow me to brag) a BEAUTIFUL diaper cake for my sister-in-law Noel for my soon to be here niece, Abigail. The 'cake' was made of monogrammed and appliqued burp cloths, bibs, onsies and was topped off with handmade knitted booties.  My sewing days will not be ending any time soon as we will soon be welcoming McBaby ( Todd's sister's little one due in May--we will find out at delivery if McBaby is a boy or a girl), and Tucker ( my cousin's baby boy due in April). I am LOVING all the new babies!!!!

I think that is about all for now, plus Ava-Marie is waking up! As you can tell, Todd and I have VERY VERY different styles of writing. Todd is more disciplined (all proper with his use of grammar and punctuation) and I.... well... I'm just more fun than he is... but don't tell him I said that :)